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Yoga for All 14 Day Journey!

Yoga for All 14 Day Journey!
Adriene has teamed up with Commune to create Yoga for All, a 14-day yoga course created to bring yoga to ALL people, especially those who need it the most and might get it the least.

Longtime Kula Members tell how YWA helped them Find What Feels Good.

"I didn't know YWA was in my future when I unexpectedly required open heart surgery; but when the artificial aorta and mechanical valve they insta...


In January of 2014 we launched the first Yoga With Adriene product. It was called REBOOT and it was a 4 video online class designed to help peopl...

The first Yoga With Adriene Meet Up

Here is a sweet little memory cap of our first ever Yoga With Adriene Meet Up in Manhattan on April 13, 2014. Thank you so much to everyone who ca...